Parking Regulations

Towing sign1. Parking stickers for Willoughby Townes will be issued only to Owners of record whose accounts are in good standing with the Association (paid through the date of issue).  In the event that an Owner’s unit is leased, with the Owner’s permission, a sticker will be issued to the Tenant upon presentation of a current Lease Agreement.

2.  All vehicles parked in Willoughby Townes must be operational and have valid current registration.

3. Except if parked in unit driveways, cars without parking stickers will be towed WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE from Willoughby Townes Property Owners Association at the vehicle owner’s expense.

4.  Parking is permitted in designated parking areas only.  Cars parked in fire lanes, on the grass, or in other NO PARKING areas will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense even if the car has a parking sticker.

5.  Except for reserved, numbered spots, which are for the exclusive use by that unit Owner/resident, a sticker does not guarantee a resident a parking space, but it gives the resident the right to park in Willoughby Townes’ spaces.

6. The parking sticker must be clearly displayed on the vehicle’s rear window OR on the vehicle’s rearview mirror. 

7.  If your parking sticker is damaged, you may obtain a new one from MSC, but the old sticker must be returned.  In the event an owner/ resident loses his/her sticker, there will be a $30.00 fee for a replacement sticker.

8. Neither the Board nor the Association shall be liable for any damages caused to vehicles parked improperly in Willoughby Townes.

9. The current authorized towing company for Willoughby Townes is Collier’s Towing, located at 202 Fifth Street SW, Charlottesville, VA 22902.